AIN'T NO REASON (extended verse)

There ain't no reason things are this way, or is there?

is this how its gonna stay, where only kids care?

children fight the system but no adult dares to listen/

the truent arnt book smart but their fluent when in prison/

speaking with distinction, someone put an end to lynching/

but the south still preach religion, as they teach creationism /

pro life or choice decisions help to procreate devision /

whats the origin of this debate? with all this hate, we need revision/

the system that were given's doomed ,were missing living/

were being groomed to soon be living life in living rooms/

so instead of us, its televisions living in our homes/

powered by the dust and fumes of fossil bones, exhumed to fuel our loans/

the feud is ours alone but we're used to feeling used, so - 'when in Rome'/

were numb like cortisone when it comes to warzone hysteria and emotion/

we condone our own poor in America, but ignore Darfur on the other side of the Ocean /

I dont care anymore, I've said what I can say, there ain't no reason things are this way /



Were broke when were not working properly/and to get a fix we must buy from the monopoly/

the bankers currency is fake, but I play the game properly just so I can pay for property/

the police stay on top of me, making sure to follow rules or go to jail when I do not agree/

tired of the monotony, the bored stop playing but its a gamble like the lottery/

this games been made into a mockery/

but if the pieces come together theres a chance that we can stop and see we've got the keys/



Are we all powerless in this system run by cowards with no vow of honesty and no prowess?/

honestly, show me the weakest person in the room and I'll show you the loudest/

the quiet are the proudest/actions speak louder than words, my hands are calloused/

fits of rage with fists that hold pen tips to pages as I write wit with hopes of making changes/

our time's the strangest with nameless mimes that are voiceless electing brainless choices/

if the boisterous girls and boys of our loins join forces unlike divorces, we can change courses/

no more driving porches with 300 horse power/ we need more natural energy sources now/

of course the poorest of the poor have a short list of what's more important to them/

like food, shelter and healthcare/ as our moods welter from abuse and welts and no welfare/

sometimes we may think 'who the hell cares?' as we make our way down hell's stairs


this is literally the first time I ever performed in front of anyone besides like 1 or 2 people. I am all about lyrics and writing, not neccesarily performing, but it's pretty cool. I should have done a better job remembering my writens and could have had a bit more stage presence, but oh wel.... Also, it was done as the opening act for a local hip-hop expose so it wasn't exactly the right scene but for a first time it was aight. Oh, and it was taped in the very back of the room, where people wern't listening as much and so there is a lot of noise but most of the people were actually listening



I have to admit it/ I'm a hypocrite/looking back on all my writtens/

they don't mean shit unless the wit that I write with is legitimate/

in that it represents my views explicitly/

but I will choose to change and I hope your listening/

i'll document their ruse descriptively/

as I press mute on the untrue news that's given to me/

reboot and undo the pollution and soot, back to our roots/

thats a cliche/ but truth lies in what I say



There is constant controversy when were combating adversity/

we're prosecuting prostitution but it doesn't fix the murder rate/

absurd, irate, I contemplate the fate of the United States, it isnt great/

we all made a huge mistake when we put all our faith in fate/

religions fake, and thats the lie that takes the cake, its time to wake and bake/

break the fast with facts behind the last 100 years of past attacks /

when these unnatural disasters happen faster, were stepping on the cracks/

my fear is that were at a point in which there is no turning back, were broken/

don't act like Iraqi war will end, were joking - this is just pretend, its hopeless/

as we pollute the air and oceans, and murder all the whales for lotion/

we tip the scales, set things in motion, for the end of this commotion/

when will most of man take notice? Were being plagued by ghosts of locusts/

and most of us just sit on sofa's eating donuts/ smoking so  much we turn to robots/



I will attempt to force the pen and voice my current sentiment/

by the end of my current choice of word I may forget where the commencement went /

Looking, back, I often wonder what the first sentence meant/

just like corporate types wonder where there pensions went/

its important that I make sense of tense, so past and present are relevantly mentioned/

time goes by so fast that we often overlook the 4th dimension, of course times relative like cousins/

family trees all lead back to skeletons/ we came from ooze like gelatin/

theres always room for more yelling in the hell that we are dwellin in/

threw a coin in the wishing well and fell in then I turned into a felon/

started stealing what they sell in stores as a form of just rebelling /

is it a crime to ring the bell and stop listening to what they're tellin' us/

the truth is glistening, the sun illuminates my mission bringing light from fission/

what is religion? besides a reason for division, got the Earth divided like prime meridian/

infinite wisdom is my idiom/with infant like instinct we become prisoner's in an instant/



The words are all around us/ but how does one describe a sound that has not found us?/

without a scribe to write down what astounds us/ our eyes and minds have no solid record to remind us/

of what it is that binds us to the blindness of this mindless waste of time thats 9-5/

without work, were lined up in the unemployment line getin nickel and dime'd/

beggin' for change so I can dine without having to commit crimes/

but some people do what they gotta do to survive the hard times/

not surprised, all the rules of survival can be found in our minds /



It was a dark and stormy night, that's how to start a story right/

ignore the bright lightening strikes in the sky that give sight/

the full moon supplies the vision with its bright white luminescence/

thunder boomin' through the session as the teacher writes a lesson/

bright and eager students forced to pick professions based on first impressions/

following directions not of their own suggestions, causing stressin/

in the waistband, next to tucked erections, guns are resting/

that leads to more arresting/the standardized testing isn't interesting/

the current system isn't catching, with parents empty nesting we've crossed the intersection/

my suggestion is to tell all those that preach oppression to get to stepping/

stairway to heaven



What is 'The Human Condition'?/ a term that refers to the distinctive features of human existence/

to those consumed in mysticism/ or book worms who need exact definitions/

finding answers to the age old questions - thats the mission/

but the kids in school are missing tools for abstract thought to make decisions/

remission from the time before the inquisition, when Spanish forced the popes religion/

before the first eclipse was viewed by telescope with scientific proof, eliminating superstition/

when we look up in the sky, do we still ask the question why?/ or wonder where our soul goes when we die?/

rarely we philosophize, lay outside and look inside our minds for what lies behind the rhymes/

disguised as simple eyes, the windows to our souls are grimy so we cant see just anybody/

bloody wars when we should all be buddy's/ as the world turns why's it turned so ugly?/

its our turn to turn the key, unlock our true biology/

open up our cells, be free/its natural to live naturally/


Hunger drives all/ large mammals & insignificant life thats small/

sleep & eat, these tasks are primal/ accept defeat, give up survival/

no meat, no leaf, no grocery isle/ no heat, no seeds, no belief in bibles/

religiously we eat our rivals/ to stay alive & beat the cyborgs/

that lie & try to deplete our life force/ forced to buy our right to fight for/

belief in life & liberty/ for all of man, not just the privileged free/

who enslave whole countries/ companies/ behave like someones huntin me/

engraved right in our DNA, to take a byte, eat every day/

Its more than just Somalia/ whats on TV is just a small reality of what its all about/

were all in draught, when theres no spicket spout/

and no grocery story around the corner that can check you out/

when we ignore supporters of the poor with reckless doubt/

we neglect our duty to do more than just to hear their shouts/

get off the couch, potato famine for the world- time has just run out


TWITTER (rhymes starting from a twitter post)

universally speaking, our solar system's weakening/so I'm galaxy leaping until I find a new planet for peaceful sleepin/a tree, plan to plant it/grow plants and abandon fighting stances/

thoughtless, the brain tissue thats softest has lost wits/started with a cough now exhausted/ mentally in coffins/ brain dead often/all the time with alzheimers rhymes/ forgettin what I've said talking/wheres my bed, im yawning/tired of seeing whats dawning/on the other side of the horizon/the suns not rising/in Japan, sons and daughters not arriving/ not surprising/

Eight years since 9/11, were blind pretending that our soldier sending 2 Iraq for ending terrorist attacks wont in fact come back to haunt us/ With our backs against the wall and obvious amounts of all taunts upon us/ opponents want to harm US (us) as alarmists are arming all their trucks and cars to bomb us/



Looking back on history, was the world created for man?/

We like to see no mystery, all is going according to plan/

but what if the land that were killing, every last grain of sand/

has evolved to protect it from drilling, and kills us all in this life span/

everything changes in stages, but we think that we have reached our apex/

the jellyfish thought it was smartest of all, just to find the apes next/ 

and Man rules the world for this generation, but were almost ape-less/

will we be extinct in 1,000 years? everythings constantly changing/

but were set in our ways, polluting the Earth and wonder why it stoped raining/

were all to blame, how can we fix the pain if we dont all want the same thing?/

the rich don't want change, the poor beg for change; isn't that strange?

Inspired by 'ISHMAEL' written by Daniel Quinn

Various websites discussions on the Jellyfish story found below
Ishmael: Everyone in your culture knows this. The pinnacle was reached in man. Man is the climax of the whole cosmic drama of creation.
Ishmael: Everyone in your culture knows that the world wasn't created for jellyfish or salmon or iguanas or gorillas. It was created for man.
Ishmael: The Takers regard the world as a sort of human life support system, as a machine designed to produce and sustain human life.
Ishmael: That's the premise of your story: The world was made for man.
Alan Lomax: If the world was made for us, then it belongs to us and we can do what we damn well please with it.
Alan Lomax: I mean, you hear this fifty times a day. People talk about our environment, our seas, our solar system. I've even heard people talk about our wildlife.
Imagine that you are an anthropologist wandering about on a shore a half billion years ago. There is not much to see, just dirt and water. You notice a blob floating out in the water; you wade out to it and see that it is a creature. You strike up a conversation and soon are chatting away. As an anthropologist you ask the creature about some of the stories they tell amongst themselves, such as their creation myth. The creature says they have no creation myth, just a factual account of creation. You then ask for a scientific explanation and find out that things began ten or fifteen years ago but life didn't appear until about three and a half billion years ago. Things went along for a while, and then jellyfish appeared!
  • So what's the point; what does that mean, 'jelly fish appeared'?
  • It means that is what it all lead up to, the creation of jelly fish. Why doesn't your account end with jelly fish?
  • Because, more happened after that.
  • But it does end with man?
  • Yes.
  • When man finally appeared, creation came to an end, because its objective had been reached. There was nothing left to create.
  • That seems to be the unspoken assumption.
  • It's certainly not always unspoken. The religions of your culture aren't reticent about it. Man is the end product of creation. Man is the creature for whom all the rest was made: this world, this solar system, this galaxy, the universe itself.
  • Yes
  • And this is not mythology?

The jellyfish, talking to the anthropologist, sees jellyfish as the  final result of evolution, and the human sees humanity the same way.  
Ishmael: "Why is it you are able to see that evolution goes beyond the  jellyfish?"  
Human: "Because I, through science, have observed the evolution of the  jellyfish, and other beings that evolved after it. I've seen the  bigger picture."  
"And how might another being a million years in the future see the  evolution of humans? Will he see that they stopped evolving, stayed the  same for the next million years? Would that seem to be the best  possible outcome of the human story?"



Inner city citizens, sittin on the shitter, grinnin, sippin gin for dinner/

first one confirmed a sinner is the winner/

deliver rhymes on twitter but my character counts bigger/

so I write nonsense on blogspot/ go figure/

websites in the works, costs 4 figures/

always hitin backspace/ a heavy hitter/

could be written down wittier/

pick up the litter I deliver/ no more garbage flow like rivers

clean up the world, dont be bitter



lets sit back and reflect on the recession/

the only say we have is every 4th years election/

read 'The Coming Insurrection' for a new direction/

that's just one selection for the Activist-text reading session/

help us snap out of this mental and physical depression/

leave your feedback in the comment section/



Random and complex lines of text from my cerebral cortex are sketched, as an outlet for stress or aggression/

when deep breaths don't cure my depression, I write rhymes as an obsession with no real direction/

sometimes I try to teach a lesson, but w no students its like I'm just guessin who might hear me, but I digress/

its complex to be near me, I'm almost normal, nearly/

but 12 times a year with a full moon and beer you may fear me/

with a knife and a spear i get a craving for some deer meat/

so I go hunting with my car which is hard to steer in the clear street/

because I'm 9 deep and asleep at the wheel/

hungry for a real meal, to the point of starving/

so its OK to steal while harming others to get best deal/

arm your brothers and sisters/

alarm all Christian ministers who kiss children and assist in missed innocence/

and tell them that I mean business/

with a BA in business, I must be an idiot because I hate corporate citizens/

who think its OK to control all my decisions/

a fuse awaiting ignition/

ignore the fake news that is written by corporate interest/

if we refuse and don't listen we can break free from this prison that we call living/

why do we make a living? when life surrounds us for free - with no fee for admission/

in this unforgiving condition of today's world that's ruled by religion/

the split decision between science and Church missions has led to the end of submission/

and with the first signs of change in the system since rich and poor had a distinction/

its clear there's a cure that is missing/

like before the extinction of scores of innocent Indians at the hands of indiscriminate lynchmen spreadin a virus/

civilizations the sickness yet were taught to admire this constant expansion/

from living in caves to needin mansions just to behave like expected and look handsome/

its like our enjoyments being held for ransom these days/

so I've selected to not focus on a working wage just to be treated like a corporate slave/

and instead find ways to behave as I would hope could someday break our chains and make some changes/

we need to communicate with some open exchanges to end this proposed arrangement/

and set a date to begin this engagement/


My hypothesis about the apocolypse is a concept not for this context of written word/

time to take action like verbs/

look at congress and how absurdly frustrating those piece of shit turds make life worse/

while were stuck waiting for a verse of litigation that works for us/

instead of causing the slow anhialation of poor fucks across the nation/

amazing how stocks and bonds are more powerful then atomic bombs/

from throwin rocks with palms to throwin the population of Iraq - Sadam starting kingdom kom/

and ima firm believer of barack obama and our new image/

but in order to truly change, we need to respect our lineage/

and not forget that we all came from pangea's kids so were all the same/

but were too focused on angelinas kids to realize that this is the end game /

while you may pretend its fake, its real to me/

theres a whole planet of natural resources that should be free/

but were forced into labor just to earn the fee thats needed for a tea party/

even though unlike currency, tea leaves actually do grow on trees/

its funny to think that all the money in the mint wouldnt be worth shit/

if the Fed didnt tell us what to think about this paper mixed with ink/

freedoms been extinct to me since since food went under lock and key/

can I live? like Jay Z said, truthfully we can never get ahead/

until were close to dead or in bed with the head office/

dont tell them what i've said its just my meds talkin, writin with the lead often/

with a point that doesnt bend or soften, a pencil made from wood coffins/

that means a tree died for these words so i could make this offering/

RIP world, sorry about the deforisting



2009 and its time cause were summoned/

bring light to the blind/ deaf and dumbness/

The underground feels pain/ not the numbness/

That takes over your brain and your stomach/

we we’re high on the summit / markets plummet/

Another killer gunman/ more federal funding/

the media is running/ the show/ and we follow

its happening slow /and were not in the know/

so its time that we change it, starting right this second/

listen to the words of the sentence/

representin no religion/ no repentence/

so im livin in the present/reapin all the presents

im starving for the truth/ so im eatin all the sentiment/

its sedament/ the rock of our foundation/made of presidents

its evident/ corrosion in the house of representatives/

my mouth is representative of those without the evidence/

no words and no voice so you know they never mention it/

theres a choice to be made with the options that are multiple/

the question is why do we follow what were told to do/

were independent minded yet were run by the government/

stayin stuck in debt and the corporations lovin it/

the land of the free? More like the land of the glutanous/

writing with wit, unlike McDonalds, im lovin’ this


You wont find rhymes like mine on the radio/

at times its tough to combine the flow with lyrics I would like to listen to/

this crappy rap is dismel, written badly/

and its pitifully sad to see these wack MC's get famous for whats actually heinouse/

theres radio rap, promoted shamelessly/

or true hip-hop where those deserving fame remain nameless like John D-O-E/

and you dont know me, but hopefully you agree with me/

and look forward to a new underground music industry/

and while my words arnt music, I like to think their worthy of a few picks/

for sickest use of wit in this shit thats undefined but descriptive/

rhymes are present so im gifted/ but not pickin up the mic equipment/

writtenwithwit.com, submit your hits to the inbox, might get a split decision/

or end up winning the competition until the next mission is assigned/

either way at least your tryin to be creative with your online mind/

anti social networking sites, not working right/

I claim this space as my face book of rhymes-page that I post on/

you should post too, them were both on


Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink/

soon to be, reality, we're sitting on the brink-of-the, disaster thats unthinkable/

our kitchens full of liquid that's undrinkable/

while others have no sink at all/

we dont blink, we turn blind eyeball at the squall/

thinkin that the rain will fall/

sipin on the pain thats bottled, causing us to thirst and quarel/

waring over water woes, worse than whitey versus navajo's/

when the wells are worthless/

and were workin just to quench our thirst/

enough to make me clench up /first my fist/

then squeez out all my strenghth, I'm pissed/

that this problem does exist/ but we dont listen to the list of worries/

bliss is not what im infering, opposite -my visions blurring/

see mirage, change is not occuring/

bird brains dying/ all red herrings/

A red herring is an idiom referring to a device which intends to divert the audience from the truth or an item of significance.


a stupid human being stares at a computer screen with a strained eye from 9-5, Monday through Friday/

over the course of time, chances of partial blindness is high/

but we just strenghten the perscription size needed to legally drive/

without glasses for insight or four eyes, we have nothing to hide behind/

outa sight outa mind/ so when im walkin in the night, im blind/

since only the strongest survive im falling behind/

running late as I drive the highway, pulled over and fined for speeding and not stopping at signs/

feelin like life isnt kind to my kind/ slowly hurded and lined up in lines time after time/

why dont we mind that our minds are mined like blood diamonds/

or that were stuck inside when the suns shining?/

my priority number one is rhyming/

but this dumb shit can piss me off but theres no crying


It takes an incredible amount of metal for an automobile to be assembeled/

to the point where steele resembles precious emeralds/

ruby red paint on all the rentals/

I'm sentimental/ cause I remember with my mental/

a time before the detrimental sentinels of cars developed dentals/

and started eatin all the petrol/chewin unleaded pencils/

concrete on the streets trace the planet like a stencil/

now the trees arnt as plentiful/

and traffic keeps us traped in panic/

scanning radio static for accidents/

itchin like addicts in a rehab annex/

we got trac marks, rushin to work on roads like race tracs/

we say 'we hate that' but that fact is that we create back ups/

with tracter trailers and mac trucks/

amongs acura's and fuelt tankers/

soon to be a war on our soil for the middle eastern oil/

leaves the population left to boil/ were in turmoil/

4th branch of the government is snaked up in a coil/

but we gotta strike before the loyalist extemists might/

and bite them while their frightened of our uprising/


After birth our minds are blank slates/ I learn quick and am amazed at the time it takes -/

for patty cakes to turn into daddy hate/ for emotion to control and dictate/

what we learn and what we dont equate/ but we pay for school and they dont educate/

the lessons could be learned for a lesser rate/ - from professor norman bates/

the pressure takes its toll/ as state tuition is all that is affordable/

gotta take the bus just to be portable/ not havin a ford escort is not enjoyable/

but i gotta pay these coins to go to college/ just to be employable/

a model citizen, adorable/ im durable, a battery like duracel/ power all the stores that sell/

the american dream from hell/with no means to post bail/

screaming prisoners encarcerated but were all in jail/


It might not always be perfect/ but what I jot, I always write with a purpose/

with insight in certain verses/ and none in sight in others i've rehearsed with/

I migth be white/ but in this world race is worthless/

all our species are endangered/ almost Earthless/

When we gamble on our lives, end up shirtless/

cant handle all these lies, i know it hurts us/

and instead of changing things we just say 'work sucks'/

and then forget about the worst of the White House/

and the government in general, how they lurk up/

it gets me worked up/

down and in the dirt, underground we gotta work up/

wake up and work out our powers of persuasian/

everybody wants to gain but the rich are misbehaving/

which ones are to blame for this enslavement?/

I dont know but I'm craving for an overthrow/

a revelotion for our growth/

rise above pollution, greed and shooting/

lives are losing, joy of living/

like the true story of Thanksgiving/

when pilgrams took control of friendly indians/

right from the begining/

but we dont fight for our decision to be free, men and women/

we just take what we are given, but the system's unforgiving/

so sorry about giving children ridalin and radiation poisioning/

turning boys to men so they never play with toys again


I find I like abstract thought/ so in my mind, I extract art/

in fact, the exact start in my part on earth is uncertain/

thats why i thirst for the first sign of lifes emersion/

this world is hurtin/

theres a window to the sun but we closed the curtain/

were the ones that chose this version/

not us persay, but older persons/

so I say we hold this urban squal to minimal/

polution is a criminal just as shootin up the minimall is inexcusable/

we trash waht is reusable, and waste what we dont use at all/

lets trace it back to humans fall/

when we exume neanderthal/ and study all the mandibals/

of man within the phantom walls of civilization/ our anthem calls/

unpractical, our facts arnt all the acutal/ were all animals like thos that crawl/

yet we think thats its not plausable that we can cause the death of all the life/

this Earth is small/and still we fight/ we like to call ourselves the rightouse/

but were not right with all our lifeless/ rainforesta and all their likeness/

best fight this with a plan thats deathless/ so that our youth will learn to respect this/

planet and then cure our deathwish/ I know we all have our perspectives/

but if we continue on this recklace/ we wear a noose just like a necklace/

waitin breathless for the floor to drop/ when we can just explore the knot/

save the poor, prevent the rot/ and cure the illness that we got/

the idea is like a plot, where it ends? connect the dots


Im sittin in the sunny shade, sippin on some lemonade/

just riped a hit of purple haze I slip into a daze/

the rays beam down as I raise up im utterly amazed to find im caged/

im in a maze and blind I stand behind myself/

a mile walked inside my shoes the first mile they've ever walked/

confused I talk with those that stalk and scheme behind the scenes/

the team of fiends that need to be in office, thats their dream/

my neightmare means that im not dreamin, awoken by my screams/

try to succeed in backing out, seceding from this scene/

its in my genes to not give in but its harder than it seems/

my brain is washed like faded jeans stoned and ripping at the seams/

but I dont mind that minds like mine are mined like diamond beads/

the seeds of doubt are planted, growing just like trees/

the leaves are leaving, worlds not breathing, corruptions breedin fast/

if we dont change the future, were history like the past as fewer species last/

what if the tipping points been pasted


Shop till you drop/ thats the motto of the pop culture/

spend it if you got it/ and if not/ then you rot/

vultures feedin on the poor/ with no wealth to feed the scores/

of the homeless and the hungry/ liquor stores are abundant/

but the money and the funding arnt enough to stop the problems that are coming/

try'n solvem but were missing pieces of the puzzle/constant struggle to survive/

in this bubble were alive, when it pops we all die/ we can save it if we try/

and i write with my eyes/ so i see through the disguise/ of the guys/

in the suits/ that always tellin lies/

gotta stop the cries and the pain/ thats the answer/

if you feel me empathize and start throwin tantrums/


subtle use of subtext/ lying under ground beneath the subject/

in between the lines read the context/if u got a rhyme enter the contest/

win and ur the best/ which can be contested rightfuly/because u were judged decidedly indecisively/

whose quite excited by the writing and is inclined to always go and write things/

lines of black on white, hard to identify my sighting/

like intersteller, extra terrestrial light rings at night/

I might bring quite surprising findings/

A storms a brewing in my mind/ visions cloudy with words as i pour rhyming/

the mental lightening thats strikingisn't frightening/

because the storm inside my head is all enlightening/

Weather reciting written word or just freestyling/

I like to us my wit each time I'm rhyming/Im good w wine like fine dining/

drinkin, now I'm 9 in/just a moment while I close up forretiremint/

cause I quit, there ain't no firing/constantly admiring the poets and the artisans/

that conspire to start rippin laws apart again/

and stop the struggle now, so we don't have to start again

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