Im sittin in the sunny shade, sippin on some lemonade/

just riped a hit of purple haze I slip into a daze/

the rays beam down as I raise up im utterly amazed to find im caged/

im in a maze and blind I stand behind myself/

a mile walked inside my shoes the first mile they've ever walked/

confused I talk with those that stalk and scheme behind the scenes/

the team of fiends that need to be in office, thats their dream/

my neightmare means that im not dreamin, awoken by my screams/

try to succeed in backing out, seceding from this scene/

its in my genes to not give in but its harder than it seems/

my brain is washed like faded jeans stoned and ripping at the seams/

but I dont mind that minds like mine are mined like diamond beads/

the seeds of doubt are planted, growing just like trees/

the leaves are leaving, worlds not breathing, corruptions breedin fast/

if we dont change the future, were history like the past as fewer species last/

what if the tipping points been pasted

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