a stupid human being stares at a computer screen with a strained eye from 9-5, Monday through Friday/

over the course of time, chances of partial blindness is high/

but we just strenghten the perscription size needed to legally drive/

without glasses for insight or four eyes, we have nothing to hide behind/

outa sight outa mind/ so when im walkin in the night, im blind/

since only the strongest survive im falling behind/

running late as I drive the highway, pulled over and fined for speeding and not stopping at signs/

feelin like life isnt kind to my kind/ slowly hurded and lined up in lines time after time/

why dont we mind that our minds are mined like blood diamonds/

or that were stuck inside when the suns shining?/

my priority number one is rhyming/

but this dumb shit can piss me off but theres no crying

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