I find I like abstract thought/ so in my mind, I extract art/

in fact, the exact start in my part on earth is uncertain/

thats why i thirst for the first sign of lifes emersion/

this world is hurtin/

theres a window to the sun but we closed the curtain/

were the ones that chose this version/

not us persay, but older persons/

so I say we hold this urban squal to minimal/

polution is a criminal just as shootin up the minimall is inexcusable/

we trash waht is reusable, and waste what we dont use at all/

lets trace it back to humans fall/

when we exume neanderthal/ and study all the mandibals/

of man within the phantom walls of civilization/ our anthem calls/

unpractical, our facts arnt all the acutal/ were all animals like thos that crawl/

yet we think thats its not plausable that we can cause the death of all the life/

this Earth is small/and still we fight/ we like to call ourselves the rightouse/

but were not right with all our lifeless/ rainforesta and all their likeness/

best fight this with a plan thats deathless/ so that our youth will learn to respect this/

planet and then cure our deathwish/ I know we all have our perspectives/

but if we continue on this recklace/ we wear a noose just like a necklace/

waitin breathless for the floor to drop/ when we can just explore the knot/

save the poor, prevent the rot/ and cure the illness that we got/

the idea is like a plot, where it ends? connect the dots

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