AIN'T NO REASON (extended verse)

There ain't no reason things are this way, or is there?

is this how its gonna stay, where only kids care?

children fight the system but no adult dares to listen/

the truent arnt book smart but their fluent when in prison/

speaking with distinction, someone put an end to lynching/

but the south still preach religion, as they teach creationism /

pro life or choice decisions help to procreate devision /

whats the origin of this debate? with all this hate, we need revision/

the system that were given's doomed ,were missing living/

were being groomed to soon be living life in living rooms/

so instead of us, its televisions living in our homes/

powered by the dust and fumes of fossil bones, exhumed to fuel our loans/

the feud is ours alone but we're used to feeling used, so - 'when in Rome'/

were numb like cortisone when it comes to warzone hysteria and emotion/

we condone our own poor in America, but ignore Darfur on the other side of the Ocean /

I dont care anymore, I've said what I can say, there ain't no reason things are this way /

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