It takes an incredible amount of metal for an automobile to be assembeled/

to the point where steele resembles precious emeralds/

ruby red paint on all the rentals/

I'm sentimental/ cause I remember with my mental/

a time before the detrimental sentinels of cars developed dentals/

and started eatin all the petrol/chewin unleaded pencils/

concrete on the streets trace the planet like a stencil/

now the trees arnt as plentiful/

and traffic keeps us traped in panic/

scanning radio static for accidents/

itchin like addicts in a rehab annex/

we got trac marks, rushin to work on roads like race tracs/

we say 'we hate that' but that fact is that we create back ups/

with tracter trailers and mac trucks/

amongs acura's and fuelt tankers/

soon to be a war on our soil for the middle eastern oil/

leaves the population left to boil/ were in turmoil/

4th branch of the government is snaked up in a coil/

but we gotta strike before the loyalist extemists might/

and bite them while their frightened of our uprising/