What is 'The Human Condition'?/ a term that refers to the distinctive features of human existence/

to those consumed in mysticism/ or book worms who need exact definitions/

finding answers to the age old questions - thats the mission/

but the kids in school are missing tools for abstract thought to make decisions/

remission from the time before the inquisition, when Spanish forced the popes religion/

before the first eclipse was viewed by telescope with scientific proof, eliminating superstition/

when we look up in the sky, do we still ask the question why?/ or wonder where our soul goes when we die?/

rarely we philosophize, lay outside and look inside our minds for what lies behind the rhymes/

disguised as simple eyes, the windows to our souls are grimy so we cant see just anybody/

bloody wars when we should all be buddy's/ as the world turns why's it turned so ugly?/

its our turn to turn the key, unlock our true biology/

open up our cells, be free/its natural to live naturally/


Hunger drives all/ large mammals & insignificant life thats small/

sleep & eat, these tasks are primal/ accept defeat, give up survival/

no meat, no leaf, no grocery isle/ no heat, no seeds, no belief in bibles/

religiously we eat our rivals/ to stay alive & beat the cyborgs/

that lie & try to deplete our life force/ forced to buy our right to fight for/

belief in life & liberty/ for all of man, not just the privileged free/

who enslave whole countries/ companies/ behave like someones huntin me/

engraved right in our DNA, to take a byte, eat every day/

Its more than just Somalia/ whats on TV is just a small reality of what its all about/

were all in draught, when theres no spicket spout/

and no grocery story around the corner that can check you out/

when we ignore supporters of the poor with reckless doubt/

we neglect our duty to do more than just to hear their shouts/

get off the couch, potato famine for the world- time has just run out


TWITTER (rhymes starting from a twitter post)

universally speaking, our solar system's weakening/so I'm galaxy leaping until I find a new planet for peaceful sleepin/a tree, plan to plant it/grow plants and abandon fighting stances/

thoughtless, the brain tissue thats softest has lost wits/started with a cough now exhausted/ mentally in coffins/ brain dead often/all the time with alzheimers rhymes/ forgettin what I've said talking/wheres my bed, im yawning/tired of seeing whats dawning/on the other side of the horizon/the suns not rising/in Japan, sons and daughters not arriving/ not surprising/

Eight years since 9/11, were blind pretending that our soldier sending 2 Iraq for ending terrorist attacks wont in fact come back to haunt us/ With our backs against the wall and obvious amounts of all taunts upon us/ opponents want to harm US (us) as alarmists are arming all their trucks and cars to bomb us/



Looking back on history, was the world created for man?/

We like to see no mystery, all is going according to plan/

but what if the land that were killing, every last grain of sand/

has evolved to protect it from drilling, and kills us all in this life span/

everything changes in stages, but we think that we have reached our apex/

the jellyfish thought it was smartest of all, just to find the apes next/ 

and Man rules the world for this generation, but were almost ape-less/

will we be extinct in 1,000 years? everythings constantly changing/

but were set in our ways, polluting the Earth and wonder why it stoped raining/

were all to blame, how can we fix the pain if we dont all want the same thing?/

the rich don't want change, the poor beg for change; isn't that strange?

Inspired by 'ISHMAEL' written by Daniel Quinn

Various websites discussions on the Jellyfish story found below
Ishmael: Everyone in your culture knows this. The pinnacle was reached in man. Man is the climax of the whole cosmic drama of creation.
Ishmael: Everyone in your culture knows that the world wasn't created for jellyfish or salmon or iguanas or gorillas. It was created for man.
Ishmael: The Takers regard the world as a sort of human life support system, as a machine designed to produce and sustain human life.
Ishmael: That's the premise of your story: The world was made for man.
Alan Lomax: If the world was made for us, then it belongs to us and we can do what we damn well please with it.
Alan Lomax: I mean, you hear this fifty times a day. People talk about our environment, our seas, our solar system. I've even heard people talk about our wildlife.
Imagine that you are an anthropologist wandering about on a shore a half billion years ago. There is not much to see, just dirt and water. You notice a blob floating out in the water; you wade out to it and see that it is a creature. You strike up a conversation and soon are chatting away. As an anthropologist you ask the creature about some of the stories they tell amongst themselves, such as their creation myth. The creature says they have no creation myth, just a factual account of creation. You then ask for a scientific explanation and find out that things began ten or fifteen years ago but life didn't appear until about three and a half billion years ago. Things went along for a while, and then jellyfish appeared!
  • So what's the point; what does that mean, 'jelly fish appeared'?
  • It means that is what it all lead up to, the creation of jelly fish. Why doesn't your account end with jelly fish?
  • Because, more happened after that.
  • But it does end with man?
  • Yes.
  • When man finally appeared, creation came to an end, because its objective had been reached. There was nothing left to create.
  • That seems to be the unspoken assumption.
  • It's certainly not always unspoken. The religions of your culture aren't reticent about it. Man is the end product of creation. Man is the creature for whom all the rest was made: this world, this solar system, this galaxy, the universe itself.
  • Yes
  • And this is not mythology?

The jellyfish, talking to the anthropologist, sees jellyfish as the  final result of evolution, and the human sees humanity the same way.  
Ishmael: "Why is it you are able to see that evolution goes beyond the  jellyfish?"  
Human: "Because I, through science, have observed the evolution of the  jellyfish, and other beings that evolved after it. I've seen the  bigger picture."  
"And how might another being a million years in the future see the  evolution of humans? Will he see that they stopped evolving, stayed the  same for the next million years? Would that seem to be the best  possible outcome of the human story?"



Inner city citizens, sittin on the shitter, grinnin, sippin gin for dinner/

first one confirmed a sinner is the winner/

deliver rhymes on twitter but my character counts bigger/

so I write nonsense on blogspot/ go figure/

websites in the works, costs 4 figures/

always hitin backspace/ a heavy hitter/

could be written down wittier/

pick up the litter I deliver/ no more garbage flow like rivers

clean up the world, dont be bitter

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