I will attempt to force the pen and voice my current sentiment/

by the end of my current choice of word I may forget where the commencement went /

Looking, back, I often wonder what the first sentence meant/

just like corporate types wonder where there pensions went/

its important that I make sense of tense, so past and present are relevantly mentioned/

time goes by so fast that we often overlook the 4th dimension, of course times relative like cousins/

family trees all lead back to skeletons/ we came from ooze like gelatin/

theres always room for more yelling in the hell that we are dwellin in/

threw a coin in the wishing well and fell in then I turned into a felon/

started stealing what they sell in stores as a form of just rebelling /

is it a crime to ring the bell and stop listening to what they're tellin' us/

the truth is glistening, the sun illuminates my mission bringing light from fission/

what is religion? besides a reason for division, got the Earth divided like prime meridian/

infinite wisdom is my idiom/with infant like instinct we become prisoner's in an instant/

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