TWITTER (rhymes starting from a twitter post)

universally speaking, our solar system's weakening/so I'm galaxy leaping until I find a new planet for peaceful sleepin/a tree, plan to plant it/grow plants and abandon fighting stances/

thoughtless, the brain tissue thats softest has lost wits/started with a cough now exhausted/ mentally in coffins/ brain dead often/all the time with alzheimers rhymes/ forgettin what I've said talking/wheres my bed, im yawning/tired of seeing whats dawning/on the other side of the horizon/the suns not rising/in Japan, sons and daughters not arriving/ not surprising/

Eight years since 9/11, were blind pretending that our soldier sending 2 Iraq for ending terrorist attacks wont in fact come back to haunt us/ With our backs against the wall and obvious amounts of all taunts upon us/ opponents want to harm US (us) as alarmists are arming all their trucks and cars to bomb us/

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