subtle use of subtext/ lying under ground beneath the subject/

in between the lines read the context/if u got a rhyme enter the contest/

win and ur the best/ which can be contested rightfuly/because u were judged decidedly indecisively/

whose quite excited by the writing and is inclined to always go and write things/

lines of black on white, hard to identify my sighting/

like intersteller, extra terrestrial light rings at night/

I might bring quite surprising findings/

A storms a brewing in my mind/ visions cloudy with words as i pour rhyming/

the mental lightening thats strikingisn't frightening/

because the storm inside my head is all enlightening/

Weather reciting written word or just freestyling/

I like to us my wit each time I'm rhyming/Im good w wine like fine dining/

drinkin, now I'm 9 in/just a moment while I close up forretiremint/

cause I quit, there ain't no firing/constantly admiring the poets and the artisans/

that conspire to start rippin laws apart again/

and stop the struggle now, so we don't have to start again

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