There is constant controversy when were combating adversity/

we're prosecuting prostitution but it doesn't fix the murder rate/

absurd, irate, I contemplate the fate of the United States, it isnt great/

we all made a huge mistake when we put all our faith in fate/

religions fake, and thats the lie that takes the cake, its time to wake and bake/

break the fast with facts behind the last 100 years of past attacks /

when these unnatural disasters happen faster, were stepping on the cracks/

my fear is that were at a point in which there is no turning back, were broken/

don't act like Iraqi war will end, were joking - this is just pretend, its hopeless/

as we pollute the air and oceans, and murder all the whales for lotion/

we tip the scales, set things in motion, for the end of this commotion/

when will most of man take notice? Were being plagued by ghosts of locusts/

and most of us just sit on sofa's eating donuts/ smoking so  much we turn to robots/

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