Hunger drives all/ large mammals & insignificant life thats small/

sleep & eat, these tasks are primal/ accept defeat, give up survival/

no meat, no leaf, no grocery isle/ no heat, no seeds, no belief in bibles/

religiously we eat our rivals/ to stay alive & beat the cyborgs/

that lie & try to deplete our life force/ forced to buy our right to fight for/

belief in life & liberty/ for all of man, not just the privileged free/

who enslave whole countries/ companies/ behave like someones huntin me/

engraved right in our DNA, to take a byte, eat every day/

Its more than just Somalia/ whats on TV is just a small reality of what its all about/

were all in draught, when theres no spicket spout/

and no grocery story around the corner that can check you out/

when we ignore supporters of the poor with reckless doubt/

we neglect our duty to do more than just to hear their shouts/

get off the couch, potato famine for the world- time has just run out

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