All this confussion and hatred, 'bout the state of the nation/

are we living in cages/ like we work on plantations?/

im shakin with rage/ like I've just been enslaved/

but my dues have been paid, how come I'm not gettin paid?/

is it the way that I've played ut my life to this day?/

or is the reason predetermined? Theres no reason to stay/

around in this country or even this Earth/

ive been searchin for some answers since the day of my birth/

is this fate, are we curse?/

At this rate it looks like sometime soon the bubble might burst/

the problem wont get better it will only get worse/

the search for something clever is whats makin me thirst/

its whats makin me think/ what keeps my eyes open, except for a blink/

otherwise I'd be close minded and my vision would shrink/

but without imagination, then were on the brink/

of breakin up the chain of life as the weakest link/

see through the mirage and not takin a drink/

im shaking cause salvation is reaching a kink/


Not where I wanna be/ but right where I am/

I got a lot I wanna see/ I might have a plan/

The plan is to get rich, as fast as I can/

with an itch to make it happen, I scratch with my hand/

tooth and nail I fight, all throughout my life/

in the night im seein visions/ but not in my dreams/

and when decisions got my stressin/ you might hear my screams/

wrestle with the mental missions and impossible things/

become achievable until the fat lady sings/

then its all over/ nothing is left/

my thoughts become so scattered as I think about death/

my breath becomes exhausted/ think I might need a rest/

in dreams my mind makes many special effects/

its kinda like im psychic when I'm seein whats next/

and I really like it when im feelin perplexed/

complex situations got my whole heart racing/

gets the blood pumpin like gas stations


My hatred towards the faith is an escape/

from the fact that I must face my greatest state of mental hesitation/

waitin for annihalation, without contemplating satan, god, extermination/

being taken from the place im makin faceless accusations/

racist politicians, tasteless, shakin if we question the foundation of creation/

our nations full of alients, thats the human race/

gettin out this universe, thats the great escape without a trace/

I'm aikin' for a place to trace the lines that shape my state of mind/

I find im sittin confined and blinded by the rhymes/

blinded by the speed of light that shines/

brighter than the minds of Einstein, Eddison combined
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