A man stands on stage, facing an enraged congregation of evangelical caucasions, 
the person at the pulpit's not a prophet but a page inside his pocket book of lies,
the bible cages all that look into his eyes.  He doesn't even have to try to get these idiots to cry 
and believe their gonna die if they don't fly blindly into heaven towards the sky. 
The high that overcomes this guy, whose bi, when he preeches pro life, but wants the murderers to fry 
is why he does it.  A pedephile, and he loves kids - 
the children that are brainwashed by these fathers are the government, democrats and republicans. 
Family from democracy, disfuntional like mockery. 
This game is rigged like the lottery so the rich stay wealthy while all others stay in poverty. Where's our sovernity? Were free but there's always risk of sodomy from the economy.  Paper currency like monopoly used to purchase property, the rule book from a board game's now our economic policy. Money is invisible when its stock, but the tv always mentions S & P like that applies to me. They all lie to me, but I know the truths inside of me. I charge by the line but this whole rhyme is free.



With a cup of change at me feet, I rhyme for dimes in the streets with the cold concrete as my seat/

keep with it and maybe I can eat/ at micy-D's I order beef but who know's what their servin' me, it isn't meat/

gotta find some heat, so I can sleep/ because I'm beat from this feeling of defeat that gives me the creeps/

I feel outa place like skinny jeans on obese geeks/ can't comply to dress codes with only sweats and sneaks/

stressed from deceit: the life of discreet street sleeper/ digging my own grave, its getting deeper/

 the part time pay from the cemetery's meager/ can't afford most drugs so I'm smokin ether/

And with lack of health care, I could die from fever or the fact that I'm a non-daily eater/

either or, I'd rather be afflicted by neither/ rich or poor, I don't give a damn like beaver/

as long as I can read and write and live with the freedom to be a non-believer/

maybe I can spread my thoughts to those that are down and under, and become an over-achiever/ I wonder....



“Human subtlety will never devise an invention more beautiful, more simple or more direct than does nature because in her inventions nothing is lacking, and nothing is superfluous.” 
 -Leonardo da Vinci.  

Nature is no longer of our concern, as humans - at least for a majority of humans that participate in todays environmental meltdown, which has been burning (like the fuel in a combustion engine) for the past 100+ years.  The modern citizen in today's world has completely lost touch with the natural world which has groomed us, through evolution, for the past 100,000+ years.  With the advent of the automobile, our current culture's already corrupt relationship with nature reached a new level of ignorance. As a result of the ever expanding reach of personal automobiles, the environmental health of our planet has been irreversibly altered, along with the social, financial, and political attitude of our culture.   
For Americans born within the past several decades, its almost impossible to believe that cars, highways, and wars for oil have truly been around for only the last century or so.  Roadkill is an everyday site and we are now completely desensitized by the death and destruction of wildlife, plants, and natural scenery that was once prevalent throughout the world.  In fact, any remote city or town without proper roads, traffic signals and gas stations, by todays standards, may be termed 'developing.'  Developing into what?  What is it that we have developed into?  Does economic development correlate with environmental degradation?  
Horseless carriages, or 'cars' for short, have completely taken over our everyday lives.  What was once a commodity is now looked at as a necessity.  Everyone, it seems, has a car; or if not, they are working towards getting a car.  It is virtually impossible to avoid the implications of personal car ownership; sounds, sights, smells, finances, attitudes, employment, and personal relationships are all adversely affected by the car.  As an 'advanced society' compared to those without the technology that we currently posses, we have not advanced much from the original  inception of a gas fed, steel bodied personal transport vehicle.  In fact, our advancements are really more like the opposite - we are digressing from what should be our primary goal; to use technology to continually make life better, to make transport easier, to create more free time, to save money, to preserve the environment, etc.  
To make room for everyones car, we have converted acres upon acres of what was once wilderness into parking lots, countless numbers of which have already long since been abandoned as weeds grow through the cracks in the concrete.  We have streets that are too narrow for cars to drive on but are lined with parked cars.  Car owners have been known to stress over parking spot availability when they come home from work.  Parking spots in some congested cities can cost thousands of dollars a month; the price of which could easily pay for food/shelter for impoverished individuals around the world that most likely have never driven a car in the first place. We have multi million dollar parking garages. We have specialized public servants that enforce parking regulations, being sure to financially punish anyone who has violated parking policy; not to mention the police officers that pull you over while driving.  We take them everywhere with us: to work, to the grocery store, to the doctor, and even to the movies sometimes.  There is, however, a group of people, who have realized the extent of which we have lost control of the metaphorical car that we call life and, who would like to drive out current policies and collectively try going down a different road.      
Monetarily, the cost associated with owning a car (compared with emotional cost) is astronomical when compared with other monthly expenses.  Besides mortgages or rent payments, a car can easily be the most costly monthly expense in a budget.  Without getting into specifics, it is universally understood there are certain financial responsibilities associated with car ownership: payments, insurance, gas, repairs, licences, registration, inspection, and routine maintenance are all variables in the equation that is car budgeting.  Psychologically, there are other ways that cars can affect us; 'will my car start in the morning? will I be able to safely drive in the snow? how much traffic will there be? whats that rattling noise? I hope I don't get pulled over? and other similar thoughts can overtly change a persons mood considerably on a day to day basis.

There is no point in trying to accurately pinpoint exactly when our ancestors truly stopped caring for nature, it has happened.  The current generational cycle that has been gradually sucking us farther into the oil black hole that is 2010, and beyond, started in the not-so-distant past, but it will end in the near future.  I'm sure there are those who would be silly enough to argue that it was Henry Ford who started the car craze of the early 1900's - 1950's.  There are others who could say that it started with the horse and buggy; after all, horses gave an enormous freedom and advantage over those who could not attain horse ownership.  And horses, like cars, have emissions in that they shit, which pollutes the environment - why do you think a car today is still measured in horsepower?  When animal's power was harnessed by man, maybe thats when this fiasco all began?  Either way, lets just imagine that the problem started yesterday - and that today, or more importantly tomorrow, will not get any better.  Traffic, smog, gas prices, accidents, and the environment will only get worse as more people denounce their relationship with nature and support the car industry.  So many people feel the need to buy, and drive, vehicles that ingest increasingly limited resources, to the point where all countries are environmentally affected.  But I hope that a proportionate amount of people also think about how much better our world could be if we decide to change now.

"Be the change that you want to see in the world" 
--- Mahatma Gandhi



Constant conflict consumes and congests congress/

these economic concepts on the news confuse, its complex/

there is no progress in our day to day lives, just conquest/

who can put these issues into context and help prevent our rights from being compressed?/

what needs a rest is the omnipresent god quest/

when a lab tech with the god complex can give breath to the face of death/

and were still not impressed, that makes me depressed/

our best doctors are stressed & our worst patients arnt left because they couldn't pay off debt/

now that layoffs swept and the recessions crept into all aspects of the US, it's time to regress and reevaluate /

the one date that doesn't equate in my understanding of fate is what day did we change from apes?/

and when did a slave ship with a deranged captain, decide its OK to rape, cage and start attacking Africans?/

way back then/ back when the black men had no affirmative action, the US sanctioned what was happening/

and now its happening/ the scaffolding's collapsing and America's relapsing into addicts/

no relaxing, time to panic, this is tragic - especially for Arizonian Hispanic's/



the one date that doesn't equate in my understanding of fate is what day did we change from apes?/

and when did a slave ship with a deranged captain, decide its ok to cage and start attacking Africans?/

affirmative action started happening and now all white men forgot about these US sanctioned actions/ 



Frustrated with justification/ hearts racing/

Xanax craving as my mind is caving/

a lunatic raving is being created, and I'm not even blazing/

feeling all caged in inside of this maze/

enraged but saving the blade till I'm paid/

whose gonna slave for wages like paiges?/

were in the dark ages of fifes and surfs/

outrageous that our lifes aren't worth our weight in dirt/

if we don't make it to work on a daily basis/

rarely do we get our raises, or get more time to take vaccations/

I make these statements in a near-hatian former plantation that's now a tourist destination/

just waiting for my tourism expiration so I can explore more of this new age meditation/

that takes the sound of the waes when they pound on the pavement/

and astounds those from outa town with elation/

rephrasing the famous and amazing quote from the lost pages of the lost ages/

the dark caves that have since become cages for non-caucasions remain ageless in this nation/

history is lifeless, our past is based on the futures likeness/ but I burn it down as I write this/

& I earned a pound from the psychics that asked me to predict this crisis back when I was lifeless/



We eat flesh constantly, religiously/ and wickedly/ we chomp on KFC and Mickey D's delicious number 3's/ 

but you're the chicken, easily, if you can't watch a dvd of factories that murder animals compassion-free/ 

tragically we sometimes think our meat comes magically to stores and not from torture, as it does actually/ 

When we eat beef, how often do we question how each animal lived and suffered defeat?/ 

not that we ask how we farm our wheat, but there's no suffering to plants and trees / 

compared to how we artificially force pigs to breed, as the mothers lose their will to breathe/ 

their babies bleed inconspicuously/ these animals live listlessly as the 'employees' kill freely/ 

it's really quite disturbing that it's all hidden behind such a thin curtain, yet most ignore on purpose, for certain/ 

there's more in store for a person who eats this perverted version of beef then losing sleep/ 

the industry pulls the wool over our eyes like sheep, as antibiotic-resistant bacteria creep into our teeth/ 

the future's bleak if this catastrophe continues to spread internationally, and intelligent animals lose sanctuary/

intelligent cannibals, humans, give thanks and bury furry/feathered friends down the hatch, with curry in a hurry/

saying grace saves face, bless the neck down of this animal race, but the head has no place on our plate/

we have no basis to rate the steak as great, because the cow was shipped from out of state with no name plate/

so the meat we make and bake, then eat, is fake/ because no one seeks the time to take our kind consumers to the factory line /

where death is blind and torture goes undefined/ think about your order next time you dine/



When we cut the grass, we cut our ties to our natural past/

create an urban disaster path worse than the Katrina aftermath/

we cast the lower class and leave 'em broken/

but we won't cast their bones because their broke and homeless/

most folks don't condone this but the pressure's on like zone blitz and the athletes own the most shit/

a dose can cause narcoses and just a toast can turn us into ghosts/

were all floating off the coast in just a soaking boat/

its in slow motion the way we prepare to save the ocean/

as we take another sip of oil potion, from the sea thats broken/

our straw is not enough to save our soil from the water that is potent



The Haitians are the latest group of men to seen inside of Satan's den/ the end is now, but when's it start again?

'Amen' some tend to say when they pretend to pray to god but then they only lend a dollar and just sob until they make amends with father/

Some others say 'why bother?' but the aftermath of the earthquake is the cholera,

it is just a follower, destroying all the bowels of toddlers/

starving for their baby bottles, but with no jobs there are no bottlers/



I'll change the world with my words - and i'll make them rhyme/ 

from the sub-par suburbs to shitty center city - full of crime/  

from the racist Nazi's to the Bosnian Serbs & genocide /  

what a waste of minds, whose eyes were blinded with hands tied behind them /

'virgin' brides in the Mid East side have died because of missing hymen's/

and children cry and lose their lives from the non-publicized blood diamond mining/

but we can change the world if we try/ and end one crime at a time until were fine/

I'll change the world with my words, fuck everything that you heard.
You're born to live, You live to die, from start to finish and you don't know why.
It sounds so absurd when you travel with the herd,
so I'll change the world...with my words.


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