What is 'The Human Condition'?/ a term that refers to the distinctive features of human existence/

to those consumed in mysticism/ or book worms who need exact definitions/

finding answers to the age old questions - thats the mission/

but the kids in school are missing tools for abstract thought to make decisions/

remission from the time before the inquisition, when Spanish forced the popes religion/

before the first eclipse was viewed by telescope with scientific proof, eliminating superstition/

when we look up in the sky, do we still ask the question why?/ or wonder where our soul goes when we die?/

rarely we philosophize, lay outside and look inside our minds for what lies behind the rhymes/

disguised as simple eyes, the windows to our souls are grimy so we cant see just anybody/

bloody wars when we should all be buddy's/ as the world turns why's it turned so ugly?/

its our turn to turn the key, unlock our true biology/

open up our cells, be free/its natural to live naturally/

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