My hypothesis about the apocolypse is a concept not for this context of written word/

time to take action like verbs/

look at congress and how absurdly frustrating those piece of shit turds make life worse/

while were stuck waiting for a verse of litigation that works for us/

instead of causing the slow anhialation of poor fucks across the nation/

amazing how stocks and bonds are more powerful then atomic bombs/

from throwin rocks with palms to throwin the population of Iraq - Sadam starting kingdom kom/

and ima firm believer of barack obama and our new image/

but in order to truly change, we need to respect our lineage/

and not forget that we all came from pangea's kids so were all the same/

but were too focused on angelinas kids to realize that this is the end game /

while you may pretend its fake, its real to me/

theres a whole planet of natural resources that should be free/

but were forced into labor just to earn the fee thats needed for a tea party/

even though unlike currency, tea leaves actually do grow on trees/

its funny to think that all the money in the mint wouldnt be worth shit/

if the Fed didnt tell us what to think about this paper mixed with ink/

freedoms been extinct to me since since food went under lock and key/

can I live? like Jay Z said, truthfully we can never get ahead/

until were close to dead or in bed with the head office/

dont tell them what i've said its just my meds talkin, writin with the lead often/

with a point that doesnt bend or soften, a pencil made from wood coffins/

that means a tree died for these words so i could make this offering/

RIP world, sorry about the deforisting


  1. You should do this on mic wit some rockin music. I love the way you mix sarcasm and realism.

  2. thanks JH, appreciate the comment. I am considering some open mics in the future, but write now am focused on creating a new website to feature more works similar to mine - hopefully you will be involved with the site! Stay tuned for updates.