You wont find rhymes like mine on the radio/

at times its tough to combine the flow with lyrics I would like to listen to/

this crappy rap is dismel, written badly/

and its pitifully sad to see these wack MC's get famous for whats actually heinouse/

theres radio rap, promoted shamelessly/

or true hip-hop where those deserving fame remain nameless like John D-O-E/

and you dont know me, but hopefully you agree with me/

and look forward to a new underground music industry/

and while my words arnt music, I like to think their worthy of a few picks/

for sickest use of wit in this shit thats undefined but descriptive/

rhymes are present so im gifted/ but not pickin up the mic equipment/

writtenwithwit.com, submit your hits to the inbox, might get a split decision/

or end up winning the competition until the next mission is assigned/

either way at least your tryin to be creative with your online mind/

anti social networking sites, not working right/

I claim this space as my face book of rhymes-page that I post on/

you should post too, them were both on

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