Random and complex lines of text from my cerebral cortex are sketched, as an outlet for stress or aggression/

when deep breaths don't cure my depression, I write rhymes as an obsession with no real direction/

sometimes I try to teach a lesson, but w no students its like I'm just guessin who might hear me, but I digress/

its complex to be near me, I'm almost normal, nearly/

but 12 times a year with a full moon and beer you may fear me/

with a knife and a spear i get a craving for some deer meat/

so I go hunting with my car which is hard to steer in the clear street/

because I'm 9 deep and asleep at the wheel/

hungry for a real meal, to the point of starving/

so its OK to steal while harming others to get best deal/

arm your brothers and sisters/

alarm all Christian ministers who kiss children and assist in missed innocence/

and tell them that I mean business/

with a BA in business, I must be an idiot because I hate corporate citizens/

who think its OK to control all my decisions/

a fuse awaiting ignition/

ignore the fake news that is written by corporate interest/

if we refuse and don't listen we can break free from this prison that we call living/

why do we make a living? when life surrounds us for free - with no fee for admission/

in this unforgiving condition of today's world that's ruled by religion/

the split decision between science and Church missions has led to the end of submission/

and with the first signs of change in the system since rich and poor had a distinction/

its clear there's a cure that is missing/

like before the extinction of scores of innocent Indians at the hands of indiscriminate lynchmen spreadin a virus/

civilizations the sickness yet were taught to admire this constant expansion/

from living in caves to needin mansions just to behave like expected and look handsome/

its like our enjoyments being held for ransom these days/

so I've selected to not focus on a working wage just to be treated like a corporate slave/

and instead find ways to behave as I would hope could someday break our chains and make some changes/

we need to communicate with some open exchanges to end this proposed arrangement/

and set a date to begin this engagement/

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  1. good work.

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