close my eyes and darkness takes over my mind state/

even for a milisecond when i realize that im blind i take/

a moment to assess the situation/

my breath is short to the point of hyperventalation/

the light is breaking - night is taking over/

and im afraid if i lose sight its gonna take me over/

the other side is waitin and i've never been a soldier/

never see me fightin it/ never see me roll over/

im neutral to my over taking, shaking as I stroll with satan/

the evil in my blood is baking yet the heats escaping/

as im turning cold my soul is breaking/

half empty but full hatred/

its hard for me to even try and shake it/ so i learn to take it/

im a germ spread in hospital patients who arnt gonna make it/

the doc that likes to give the news and break it/

and I must continue to replicate my mind state/

1 comment:

  1. I can't handle this weight
    My back's broke, I can't stand straight
    It's hurting so bad, it's gonna break
    Blood running from my wrists, just one kiss
    I just want somethin' to miss, somethin' i can risk
    As i go on a fucking rampage, brain enraged
    As i'm plauged with nightmares
    Shit that ain't there
    Writing these rhmyes to prove i exist
    I swear i ain't fulla shit
    It's therapy thats scaring me as i'm starting to see
    How many demons live in my closet
    My own mosh pit inside of my mind
    As this girl gets in my space
    Hairs obscuring my face as it's striped away
    I lost every fucking thing in every fucking way
    What the hell can i gain
    Drowning in a ocean of emotion it's all pain
    A way to relate to what's been made
    Like the story of the blood red blades
    I'm pretty fucking close to a fucking overdose
    Just saying fuck the throttle
    And popping the top off this bottle
    I just wanna drown my sorrow