I see the world in a different perspective/

I respect nature and expect the same elected officials that weve selected to protect it/

create a law and we'll erect it so that any recklace menace that drills oil like dentist/

for our unleaded temptrest is arrested/ thirst for gasoline, never gonna quench it/

we need alternate energy now, period, end of sentance/

this period of time is the begining of the ending/ global warmings real, no pretending/

and still the corporations steal, and were in debt through lending/

I regret any untruth that im sending/ but truthfully im not bending in my outlook/

emails and shoutin' look arnt gonna stop the crooks or hurt their books/

organized protests may get some looks / but they just castle, move their rooks/

and hastle those that look different/ the king is in the white house and its more than fiction/

but theres scores of flows that are itchin, to question how the constitutions written/

consantly hittin sore spots, as im spittn wrong decisions/ im ditchin all religion/

im bible rippin, on a mission and is definately possible/

death defying maybe, but i cant afford a hospital/ chance of change is plausible/

but we must hop the obstacles/ their multiple, complex, and it may be improbable/

gotta see the optical, illusion that is stopable/using clues it is obviously solvable/

democrat vs republican, it is comicle/ were fightin in a holy war/

religion mixed with polictics/ Obamas for the populus/ in his prime call him optimus/

transforming all the minds of the honest and the blind/ those that follow right behind/

in a single file line/ thats call organized/ but the anarchy is more than rhymes, it is more than lines/

we gotta cross the line to imortalize the cries of the fallen/

surprise, we are callin all that crawl in/ age of my readers, havnt put a part of any thought in/

how old must you be to be regarded as smarter than retarded?/

we gotta get this party started with the youth as the elders get departed

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