With all the debate over health insurance reform/

how does it change the normal poor man torn/

between scorin' food or staying out of pouring rain storms/

abused in pain/

these same people, often offered nothing to gain are ashamed/

blame goes towards the system, aka. the game of political decisions/

this minor incision in the lives were all living will cost us, just like religion/

the money is missing, but no one is listening/

so why not read what is written?/

this will cost more than a trillion dollars over 10 years/

forcing scores of civilians to pretend that we dont hear the fear in the air/

a crisis is near, the hunting seasons here and we're the deer/

wear orange hunting gear and go to jail for years/

this whole situation really grinds my gears

Q:How are we going to pay for health reform? (Source: San Francisco Chronicle)

A:That's the trillion-dollar question.

A:None of the proposals would cover absolutely everyone
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  1. Hi, I found your blog from ClubOrlov's blog which I found when someone put a link to it on my own post about American health care reforms - whew! That was a bit complicated. Anyway, great to find your blog. Hi.