A man stands on stage, facing an enraged congregation of evangelical caucasions, 
the person at the pulpit's not a prophet but a page inside his pocket book of lies,
the bible cages all that look into his eyes.  He doesn't even have to try to get these idiots to cry 
and believe their gonna die if they don't fly blindly into heaven towards the sky. 
The high that overcomes this guy, whose bi, when he preeches pro life, but wants the murderers to fry 
is why he does it.  A pedephile, and he loves kids - 
the children that are brainwashed by these fathers are the government, democrats and republicans. 
Family from democracy, disfuntional like mockery. 
This game is rigged like the lottery so the rich stay wealthy while all others stay in poverty. Where's our sovernity? Were free but there's always risk of sodomy from the economy.  Paper currency like monopoly used to purchase property, the rule book from a board game's now our economic policy. Money is invisible when its stock, but the tv always mentions S & P like that applies to me. They all lie to me, but I know the truths inside of me. I charge by the line but this whole rhyme is free.

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