Constant conflict consumes and congests congress/

these economic concepts on the news confuse, its complex/

there is no progress in our day to day lives, just conquest/

who can put these issues into context and help prevent our rights from being compressed?/

what needs a rest is the omnipresent god quest/

when a lab tech with the god complex can give breath to the face of death/

and were still not impressed, that makes me depressed/

our best doctors are stressed & our worst patients arnt left because they couldn't pay off debt/

now that layoffs swept and the recessions crept into all aspects of the US, it's time to regress and reevaluate /

the one date that doesn't equate in my understanding of fate is what day did we change from apes?/

and when did a slave ship with a deranged captain, decide its OK to rape, cage and start attacking Africans?/

way back then/ back when the black men had no affirmative action, the US sanctioned what was happening/

and now its happening/ the scaffolding's collapsing and America's relapsing into addicts/

no relaxing, time to panic, this is tragic - especially for Arizonian Hispanic's/

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