We eat flesh constantly, religiously/ and wickedly/ we chomp on KFC and Mickey D's delicious number 3's/ 

but you're the chicken, easily, if you can't watch a dvd of factories that murder animals compassion-free/ 

tragically we sometimes think our meat comes magically to stores and not from torture, as it does actually/ 

When we eat beef, how often do we question how each animal lived and suffered defeat?/ 

not that we ask how we farm our wheat, but there's no suffering to plants and trees / 

compared to how we artificially force pigs to breed, as the mothers lose their will to breathe/ 

their babies bleed inconspicuously/ these animals live listlessly as the 'employees' kill freely/ 

it's really quite disturbing that it's all hidden behind such a thin curtain, yet most ignore on purpose, for certain/ 

there's more in store for a person who eats this perverted version of beef then losing sleep/ 

the industry pulls the wool over our eyes like sheep, as antibiotic-resistant bacteria creep into our teeth/ 

the future's bleak if this catastrophe continues to spread internationally, and intelligent animals lose sanctuary/

intelligent cannibals, humans, give thanks and bury furry/feathered friends down the hatch, with curry in a hurry/

saying grace saves face, bless the neck down of this animal race, but the head has no place on our plate/

we have no basis to rate the steak as great, because the cow was shipped from out of state with no name plate/

so the meat we make and bake, then eat, is fake/ because no one seeks the time to take our kind consumers to the factory line /

where death is blind and torture goes undefined/ think about your order next time you dine/

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  1. Hmm, interesting perception. Personally, I've never been a big meat eater. I prefer to eat beans and rice. Call me strange it's okay... Great write!