Not where I wanna be/ but right where I am/

I got a lot I wanna see/ I might have a plan/

The plan is to get rich, as fast as I can/

with an itch to make it happen, I scratch with my hand/

tooth and nail I fight, all throughout my life/

in the night im seein visions/ but not in my dreams/

and when decisions got my stressin/ you might hear my screams/

wrestle with the mental missions and impossible things/

become achievable until the fat lady sings/

then its all over/ nothing is left/

my thoughts become so scattered as I think about death/

my breath becomes exhausted/ think I might need a rest/

in dreams my mind makes many special effects/

its kinda like im psychic when I'm seein whats next/

and I really like it when im feelin perplexed/

complex situations got my whole heart racing/

gets the blood pumpin like gas stations

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