the below was written sometime in 2007 - with Bush still president; all negative presidential comments are in reference to Bush and not Obama

I'm a working class middle american/ white male/ even did a little stint in the hustelin/ white sales/

now I'm huffin and puffin, in a business where shufflin' files isnt enough for me/

And when it comes to fistacuffs I dont play rough, but dont get tough with me/

I'm diesel intelectually, I can't protect you from the ease at which I paint a picture mentally/

I may cease eventually, but its evident that I increase intensity/

On each CD they mention me, I'm the beat when I defeat you instramentally/

the fee that score on each and every penalty, kickin down the door, wont do it gentally/

sellin out in stores when people mention me/ and dentally I'm like a vampire/

invite me in and admire, how I select my words my thoughts just transpire/

and my hands are hot, I think I just caught fire/ but I never had the heat in my hand 'less im a liar/

and I never started beef with my mans, or my supplier/and I always had a buyer and plans to move up higher/

in life and with survival/ a knife right through the bible/religions just so tribal and old/ if were alive, can't be told/

In whose image were molded/ we dont believe then were scolded/

which leaves people holdin on to thoughts that dont belong to them/

brainwashin with the long confessions and the "Amen's"

I'm in pain watchin how wrong the president is/ his ideas are not inventive/

dont trust this dumb demented, incensitive chief that we've elected/

whose speech could be selected to teach each and every lesson to be impeached/ increase the stressin/

of those beneath the feet of congress/ they've reached the wrong impression and have the wrong expression/

time to start a new election, or a revelution/

with or without the looting but we will leave out the shooting/

fix global problems like pollution/uproot the system for solutions

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